If having alcohol at your event, an officer must be on duty FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. It is your responsibility to secure an officer and to file your contract with the Civic Center before your event. The officer does NOT have to be with the Midlothian Police Department, but we must have a badge number before you may receive the key.


Commander Andy Vaughan//(972) 775-7646// Midlothian Police Department



HALF DAY RENTAL // (8am-4pm) or (4pm-12am) // $385 or $420

FULL DAY RENTAL // 8am-12am // $660 or $720



Come to 224 South 11th Street with your deposit. Either fill out the Rental Agreement and Memorandum of Facts prior to coming, or when you arrive. These two completed items with a deposit reserves your time.


Reserving the Civic Center is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We do not reserve any event times without a deposit and completed, signed contract. Have an ID handy, we will ask to make a copy of it. We do not customize rental times.


We accept cash, check, or money order. If paying with cash, please bring the exact amount as we do not always have change on site. We do not have the capabilities to run a credit card. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.


Deposits will only be refunded if the contract is followed, the user checklist completed, and with no damage to the property or tables and chairs. If the facility is not cleaned properly or damage is found, the deposit will not be refunded and additional charges may be accrued. The Civic Center reserves the right to file police reports for damages exceeding the required deposit amount or failure to comply with the contract.




1. Click the button above

2. Select Room (Main Room/Kitchen)

3. Select Time (Half Day Rental)

4. Select Day

-If the day is grey on the calendar, there is no availability that day.

-If the 8am or 4pm box is grey, it is not available for that time slot.

-If the entire day is white, the whole day is available.


Click both buttons to download the complete rental agreement packet (for rentals in 2022 you will need to come into the office) :

This is ONLY to check availibilty. No scheduling is done online.



Maximum Capacity // 285 people

Capacity with Tables and Chairs // 153 people


The event space is about 2,000 sqft.

Round Tables // 2 available // 60"

Rectangular Tables // approximately 24 available // 6'x30"

Chairs // approximately 170 black banquet and metal folding                        chairs available

There is a kitchen on site, complete with fridge, range oven, two microwaves, kitchen island and pass-through window. There is not a coffee maker, ice maker, utensils or other items available. 


The back patio area is equipped with lights and fans. There is room enough to barbeque. Renter must provide outdoor cooking equipment, and we ask that you please keep all grease residue off the concrete. We are a newly renovated space and we would like to keep it nice for other renters.


Minimal suppies are provided including: toilet paper, paper towels, bathroom hand soap, mop, mop bucket, broom, hot water and trash cans.



Trash bags, cleaning inside and out, and other supplies must be provided by the renter. The reason the Civic Center can keep rental rates so low is because there is no one on site to provide cleaning services.


If you would like to hire someone to clean for you, you may do so. 


Management of the Midlothian Civic Center is currently managed on site at 224 South 11th Street.


To rent the Civic Center or billboard space, please contact 972-775-8866.


//The billboard is currently fully committed. There is a wait list if you would like to be placed on it.//

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